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April 27th, 2014

Morning workouts, take 2!


Well last week was a bust in terms of morning workouts. But I did still get in some training on four of those days, so I'm ahead of what I did over the winter!

Eating clean...good but for a few pretty bad exceptions...I am however learning what upsets or bloats my stomach. And what makes my stomach calm and happy! Gluten and dairy free, no sugary drinks or processed stuff go a long way.

On the shit list the past week:
Skinny margarita? With Oreo dessert on date night??
Pita bread with hummus at the post-run social.
Donuts and brownies during the overnight shift at AOR. Duh.
Ice cream during huge Red Badge of Courage day (today).

I don't like feeling bloated or uncomfortable. ( weeks til the triathlon, I definitely wanna lean down to fit in my race tops!!

April 18th, 2014

Down 4!


Down to 151.0 this morning in just 9 days! Whoop whoop. Surprising what eating better and working out 30-60 minutes a day will do. I had a couple gluten bombs...intentional. McDonalds breakfast biscuit for an in service I had planned weeks ago (I was the one that requested it!) and did my first Weds night of the challenge with a social beer afterwards.

Morning workouts, not so good. We got a stupid cold snap, so after those nice 60* mornings it went down in the low thirties the last three mornings. Boo.

April 15th, 2014

the hour of power


Woke up at 5:30am and ran some hill repeats from 5:50 until 6:20. Quiet roads in the dark with a light drizzle and finished with plenty of time to get ready for work! I think I'll dub the time from 5:30 until 6:30 as my "hour of power" since I feel so much better getting the training in before work. Plus it gives me a whole hour to get ready without feeling rushed. Magical!

April 14th, 2014

searching for my mojo...


Oh, hi! Well, so...if you don't count my last entry from July 2010, it's been well over 4 years since I've really blogged here. I see that imzadi and triman and are still here. Some of the original users! I love it.

They've changed some buttons. I'm a little confused and don't know what a bunch of them are. I guess I've blogged a bunch on Wordpress and Blogger since abandoning this, my very first blog, my LJ. I kind of feel like this is still sort of a "secret blog" of mine after becoming semi-famous in the internet triathlon world. But with that notoriety, I've been unable to really blog like I used to. Especially because I feel like I've lost my mojo since, oh probably the last time I blogged here on LJ. Coincidence? So much has happened since then. I raced a lot. Didn't get much faster in 2010, but I sure was fit. Went back to the real world to make some headway on that inevitable student loan debt burden and reclaim some self-worth.

Last year I did some 6-week challenges on the Nerd Fitness Rebellion website, which is like a forum for geeky people wanting to get in shape. I liked being anonymous, and the first challenge was nice because it did keep me accountable. The second one was ok. By the third one; let's just call it a non-starter. Another 6-week challenge started today, and now that winter's over and the epic bike ride is over, I was feeling ready. But then I realized why I didn't want to do the challenge on the NF forums...I'm kind of selfish. People start following your thread and they leave encouragement for each other, and I'm kind of selfish and would feel obligated to follow them back and leave them some nice comments too. But honestly I don't have time. I just want an outlet for me to write down my goals and progress without having to read and comment on other people's challenges. Told you I'm selfish!

So here goes my 3 mini-goals for this 6-week challenge:

1. Eat clean. To me this means eating gluten-free and dairy-free. Mostly. (I don't get super neurotic about dressings and sauces.) I typically front-load my carbs in the morning, and start my day off with GF oats and 3 eggs. With bacon bits. ;) I tried the Paleo thing but it's on the restrictive side--I have no ill side effects from some oatmeal and rice, with fruit to replenish carbs after workouts.

2. Make the local RWB group runs every Wednesday night. One of my goals this year is to be more social and I'm finally making new friends here. I need to go every week to keep it up!

3. Train before work at least 4x per week. I don't have to get to work until 8am and have a 15-20min commute, so it's not unreasonable. "Training" constitutes at least 30mins of swimming, biking, or running.

That's it! I'm planning to sign up for a 10km in 5 weeks, and I'm already registered for my tri season opener, an Olympic in 7 weeks. I'll do a weekly update to see how my mini-goals are tracking. As a reference point, I'm super out of shape right now. That winter was long and brutal, and all I've really done are a lot of long, slow trainer rides. I can tell that running hurts, een for 30mins, but it's still my favorite.

As far as long-term goals, I've got a marathon in early October and would like to actually train for it this time (my downfall the last 4 years--not training and hoping I'll still be awesome). In fact, I want to PR. My PR is actually from two entries ago on this blog...when I ran a 3:15:02 in Jeju as a local training run. I was first woman overall but not allowed to take any of the prizes (it was like a gift certificate to the mall, which I totally could've used), and I even went off course a little. So I want to break 3:15, and I'd really like to go under 1:30 in a half marathon and eventually 3 hours in the marathon.

Oh yeah, and there's my weight too. Let's just get it out in the open while we're being honest. Weighed in at 154.8 last week. Which is about the upper limit (155) of what I consider acceptable for off-season weight these days. I was about 140-142 when I did my one-ironman-a-month in 2010 and all the way down to 132-135 when I broke 10 hours twice at the end of 2009. I think I can get down 10lbs fairly easily with just some consistent training and better eating these next 6 weeks, then we'll go from there.

All righty. In the meantime, I shall continue searching for my mojo. It must be here somewhere...

July 21st, 2010

blogging used to be easy

Now I feel like I have these epic blogs I need to write and I'm much less uninhibited as I used to be.  I need to blog more, and not so epic-ly.

October 1st, 2009

I am improving ridiculous amounts.

Coach is really happy with how the swim is going, I've been smashing the run to pieces, and well, ironically the bike isn't going as well as he wants. Even though a year ago he said I would have to become a killer biker because my swim and my run were both shit.

In fact I am going so fast that he said people are going to start wanting to give me their own bullshit two cents. And I have to plug my ears if I want to keep getting faster. And the next thing that is going to happen is that they are going to think I'm on drugs.


Seriously? That'll be the day. I guess that makes the list of "when you know you've made it."

August 29th, 2009

So this is how I spend my last week of August...

In another lifetime I was going to do a mini training camp in another country with a guy I really liked.

In another lifetime I was T-2 weeks from doing another ironman in Korea.

Instead plane tickets were changed, and I'm here in Switzerland for 5 more days of just whacking the crap out of myself in training. Most of my teammates have left, and even Coach is taking off tomorrow to get to Korea camp earlier. My roommates have left me to clean out the apartment, and clean it out by Swiss standards--the rental people are SO going to charge me for cleaning...!

I'm pretty much over the disappointment of the guy I really liked, but I'm trying to get over the disappointment of not doing the race in 2 weeks. I'm the fittest I've ever been and maybe even close to hitting and breaking the 10-hour mark. Which is crazy if you think about how many years I worked to get under 5 hours in a half ironman...I just did that for the first time about 13 months ago. I never could fathom breaking 5 hours back-to-back, i.e. going under 10 in an ironman, so soon. Of course, it hasn't happened yet, but I smell it's getting closer.

THe excuse for race cancellation was swine flu, but everyone is pretty sure there just wasn't enough interest, and therefore not enough money. Maybe 100 participants registered? It was supposed to be the first race where I got paid an appearance fee/travel expenses ($800!!!) so I'm kind of smacking myself in the head for counting on that. According to Bella I probably won't get paid for Embrunman for "a few months." And we still haven't gotten our team paychecks for August yet...

I am trying not to let the financial woes get to me either, but it is pretty damn hard when the only credit card you brought (as you are trying to keep the debt under control) is damn near maxed out. Luckily I still have some Korean cash from winning the race in Jeju, which should cover my September training camp rent and groceries--I can budget $80/week for the 4 weeks I'm there, and the food there is cheaper, so I think I'll be ok.

Such is the life of a pro triathlete...

I guess I can't be TOO disappointed though, because in the original plan from when I left home in July--I didn't even know about this other Korean ironman. I only learned about it after I won the race in Korea. And I didn't even expect to be racing in Europe. So I'm really glad I volunteered to race at Embrunman: the experience, the result, and of course the MONEY, was completely unexpected. So I didn't even think I was going to be racing at all in August and September.

But still I can't help it. Tomorrow is my first track marathon here, I haven't done one since April in the Philippines. So let's see if I can break the 3:39 track PR, or even better, the 3:33 Embrun PR. Sub 3:30 would be nice. :)

You know what though...now I'm thinking back to my last week of August 2008. I was about to head to my very first training camp--I think I arrived in the Philippines very early September 2008. I had just finished my prosthetics residency, and that damn research paper. I was partying like crazy because it was my way of saying goodbye to life as I knew it...

I look back at life as I knew it, and how much has changed and happened in the past 12 months. It's been an incredible journey and it just keeps on getting better. Ok. There will be more races to do, more PR's to be made and more...more everything. Life really is not so bad. :)

August 18th, 2009

 wow.  so I haven't posted in LJ since I left the States and went off to win my first Ironman in Korea and then came to Switzerland camp and then got 5th place at Embrunman, one of the toughest IM courses in the world?

ok well most of my "official" blogging is over at blogs.teamtbb.com/jocelynwong.

but here I can still be a bit of a dork.

because OMG OMG OMG I ran a 3:33 marathon off the craziest hilliest 190k bike (almost took 7.5 hours).  after a 1:05 swim!  I can't believe I ran my way from 15th to 5th!!!  WTF where is the world coming to?

a little bit of the glory, the shock, the excitement in these two photos:

and gosh I look fit.

the person I may have shocked the most was Boss Coach.  He says I finished an hour 15mins faster than he expected.  which is true too, my time was 12:11 (girls got a 10min head start) and I thought I'd go 13:10 if I had a good day.  I am in the middle of typing up my nice long official race report but here I am with the boss man himself and my teammates...who went 1-2!

at awards there was a small fuss from the Euro girls that I was from USA...or rather, I came all the way from the USA to race in France?  no, no I told them...I train in Switzerland with those two girls.  You mean THOSE two girls?  1 and 2?  Why, yes, I do :D

more from the Boss Coach....
terrific effort , and i was very proud
i think i will write a story
its all about not limiting what you got
there are much deeper levels you had just not explored yet
we know we aint those fancy talents
so we got to dig deep into those wells we have
there is more
i know it
and the most important thing you're learning
you know it too"
and just like that, a whole new world has opened up.  I'm like 5+ years younger than the fast girls here and I think I might actually be able to go under 3 hours like they do...someday....

June 28th, 2009

thirty pounds.

 so I was shopping at Target this afternoon and asked one of the red-shirted workers where to find something.  She looked at me and said "wow, you've lost a lot of weight."

I was like WHOA...does she remember me from shopping here before?!

"You don't remember me do you...?  I ran track for Westmoor..."

it didn't click until I wandered away that she was one of the kids I coached when I was assistant coach during the 2004 track season.

This morning I weighed in at 138 lbs on Amy's scale.  Ok it was post-ride and I was probably a tad dehydrated, but my pee was pretty clear.  It was the first time since before college (that would be 1999) that I've been in the 130's.

It didn't hit me until Target girl's comment that I weighed 30 lbs more 5 years ago.  THIRTY FREAKIN' POUNDS.  That's kind of a lot.  I'm not sure I ever hit 170 because at that point I stopped weighing myself.  But I do recall seeing "168."

Life is CRAZY.
Life is good.


June 24th, 2009

the working pro.

Somehow it seems busier this time around...versus when I came home from that first rookie camp.  I'm not sure what it is...I hardly even have time to BLOG.  speaking of which, my teamTBB blog's URL has been moved.  it's now at http://blogs.teamtbb.com/jocelynwong...in case you didn't know already.  So be sure to update your bookmarks :)  The latest post has pics of my little hobbits jumping up and down on my back.

So what is it...?  I think I am actually training more, squeezed into working my part-time hours.  I'm also more focused and disciplined after training with the big shots in Subic and having some great results in the early season.  I am more focused on eating well, and getting enough sleep.  8 hours minimum, 9 hours is my ideal.

Most days I work 10-4 and squeeze in some training before and after work.  I'm essentially working two jobs, because as Boss Coach says, I have to think about this triathlon thing as a job if I want to succeed.  There's always 2 or 3 workouts every day.  As you can imagine, with the ideal hours of sleep, this doesn't leave much time for seeing friends, family, or the dog.  Since I live at home, seeing the immediate family is a default, and I try to play chase with Guinness in the backyard when I'm not too pooped coming home at night.  We try to go to the beach together once a week, usually on the weekend.  The only time I ever watch TV is on Monday mornings when I'm doing my trainer workout in the bike in living room.

I do feel bad hardly ever seeing my friends, and the extended family.  Everyone lives so close and I'm actually in the same time zone.  You'd think I would have more time on the weekend, but that's when I can hit even more big training hours.  I know, I'm only home in this country half the year now, and when I am home, I'm even busier than when I am at training camp, having to work the "real" job and all.  The weeks do actually go by really quick when you are so busy, suddenly I've been home 2 months already and there are some people I haven't even seen!

Today I'm going to bike to Nori's house in the Santa Cruz mountains, to drop off the baby present I got in Florida before he outgrows it!!!  I haven't even seen the little guy yet...  this is how I squeeze in my social life.  A couple weekends ago I went "wine tasting" with my coworker.  Which really meant we drove up to a wine-tasting area, and I rode my bike for 3 hours while she went wine tasting.  We had a yummy dinner together following that.  again, this is how I squeeze in my social life.  Last weekend was the housewarming at Soda's, which I slept over at, so we could then wake up, go on a bike ride together, and then I could get in a big swim at the pool she lifeguards at, as she started her work shift.

...this is how I squeeze in my social life.
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