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Morning workouts, take 2!

Morning workouts, take 2!

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Well last week was a bust in terms of morning workouts. But I did still get in some training on four of those days, so I'm ahead of what I did over the winter!

Eating clean...good but for a few pretty bad exceptions...I am however learning what upsets or bloats my stomach. And what makes my stomach calm and happy! Gluten and dairy free, no sugary drinks or processed stuff go a long way.

On the shit list the past week:
Skinny margarita? With Oreo dessert on date night??
Pita bread with hummus at the post-run social.
Donuts and brownies during the overnight shift at AOR. Duh.
Ice cream during huge Red Badge of Courage day (today).

I don't like feeling bloated or uncomfortable. ( weeks til the triathlon, I definitely wanna lean down to fit in my race tops!!

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