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the last week of August 2009

the last week of August 2009

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So this is how I spend my last week of August...

In another lifetime I was going to do a mini training camp in another country with a guy I really liked.

In another lifetime I was T-2 weeks from doing another ironman in Korea.

Instead plane tickets were changed, and I'm here in Switzerland for 5 more days of just whacking the crap out of myself in training. Most of my teammates have left, and even Coach is taking off tomorrow to get to Korea camp earlier. My roommates have left me to clean out the apartment, and clean it out by Swiss standards--the rental people are SO going to charge me for cleaning...!

I'm pretty much over the disappointment of the guy I really liked, but I'm trying to get over the disappointment of not doing the race in 2 weeks. I'm the fittest I've ever been and maybe even close to hitting and breaking the 10-hour mark. Which is crazy if you think about how many years I worked to get under 5 hours in a half ironman...I just did that for the first time about 13 months ago. I never could fathom breaking 5 hours back-to-back, i.e. going under 10 in an ironman, so soon. Of course, it hasn't happened yet, but I smell it's getting closer.

THe excuse for race cancellation was swine flu, but everyone is pretty sure there just wasn't enough interest, and therefore not enough money. Maybe 100 participants registered? It was supposed to be the first race where I got paid an appearance fee/travel expenses ($800!!!) so I'm kind of smacking myself in the head for counting on that. According to Bella I probably won't get paid for Embrunman for "a few months." And we still haven't gotten our team paychecks for August yet...

I am trying not to let the financial woes get to me either, but it is pretty damn hard when the only credit card you brought (as you are trying to keep the debt under control) is damn near maxed out. Luckily I still have some Korean cash from winning the race in Jeju, which should cover my September training camp rent and groceries--I can budget $80/week for the 4 weeks I'm there, and the food there is cheaper, so I think I'll be ok.

Such is the life of a pro triathlete...

I guess I can't be TOO disappointed though, because in the original plan from when I left home in July--I didn't even know about this other Korean ironman. I only learned about it after I won the race in Korea. And I didn't even expect to be racing in Europe. So I'm really glad I volunteered to race at Embrunman: the experience, the result, and of course the MONEY, was completely unexpected. So I didn't even think I was going to be racing at all in August and September.

But still I can't help it. Tomorrow is my first track marathon here, I haven't done one since April in the Philippines. So let's see if I can break the 3:39 track PR, or even better, the 3:33 Embrun PR. Sub 3:30 would be nice. :)

You know what though...now I'm thinking back to my last week of August 2008. I was about to head to my very first training camp--I think I arrived in the Philippines very early September 2008. I had just finished my prosthetics residency, and that damn research paper. I was partying like crazy because it was my way of saying goodbye to life as I knew it...

I look back at life as I knew it, and how much has changed and happened in the past 12 months. It's been an incredible journey and it just keeps on getting better. Ok. There will be more races to do, more PR's to be made and more...more everything. Life really is not so bad. :)
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    Awe!!!! I'm so proud, jealous and excited for you!!! But mostly I miss you dearly!!!! Keep kicking major ass!!!

    First mate
  • Seriously I miss you too and totally envy you! You are doing freaking amazing and such an inspiration to us little people over here. :) Keep goinggg!!!
  • Happy Birthday!
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