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the working pro.

the working pro.

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Somehow it seems busier this time around...versus when I came home from that first rookie camp.  I'm not sure what it is...I hardly even have time to BLOG.  speaking of which, my teamTBB blog's URL has been moved.  it's now at http://blogs.teamtbb.com/jocelynwong...in case you didn't know already.  So be sure to update your bookmarks :)  The latest post has pics of my little hobbits jumping up and down on my back.

So what is it...?  I think I am actually training more, squeezed into working my part-time hours.  I'm also more focused and disciplined after training with the big shots in Subic and having some great results in the early season.  I am more focused on eating well, and getting enough sleep.  8 hours minimum, 9 hours is my ideal.

Most days I work 10-4 and squeeze in some training before and after work.  I'm essentially working two jobs, because as Boss Coach says, I have to think about this triathlon thing as a job if I want to succeed.  There's always 2 or 3 workouts every day.  As you can imagine, with the ideal hours of sleep, this doesn't leave much time for seeing friends, family, or the dog.  Since I live at home, seeing the immediate family is a default, and I try to play chase with Guinness in the backyard when I'm not too pooped coming home at night.  We try to go to the beach together once a week, usually on the weekend.  The only time I ever watch TV is on Monday mornings when I'm doing my trainer workout in the bike in living room.

I do feel bad hardly ever seeing my friends, and the extended family.  Everyone lives so close and I'm actually in the same time zone.  You'd think I would have more time on the weekend, but that's when I can hit even more big training hours.  I know, I'm only home in this country half the year now, and when I am home, I'm even busier than when I am at training camp, having to work the "real" job and all.  The weeks do actually go by really quick when you are so busy, suddenly I've been home 2 months already and there are some people I haven't even seen!

Today I'm going to bike to Nori's house in the Santa Cruz mountains, to drop off the baby present I got in Florida before he outgrows it!!!  I haven't even seen the little guy yet...  this is how I squeeze in my social life.  A couple weekends ago I went "wine tasting" with my coworker.  Which really meant we drove up to a wine-tasting area, and I rode my bike for 3 hours while she went wine tasting.  We had a yummy dinner together following that.  again, this is how I squeeze in my social life.  Last weekend was the housewarming at Soda's, which I slept over at, so we could then wake up, go on a bike ride together, and then I could get in a big swim at the pool she lifeguards at, as she started her work shift.

...this is how I squeeze in my social life.
  • I think it's great! You're busy but in a fulfilling way. Isn't that how life should be?
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